About Steve Attwood

Kiwi bloke who shares his life with a another great bloke of the same name – yes, two Steves! We’ve been together since 2000 and had an officially recognised civil union since 2006.

Interests include tramping, ornithology, landscape and bird photography and, most of all, my family, especially my three daughters and my three grandsons (and ms or mr x on the way!)

I’m an account director for a public relations company .

My interest in all things natural was fostered by my parents at an early age but greatly enhanced when I had the privilege of working for the Department of Conservation in New Zealand for three years. It’s great fun to still go to DOC visitor centres or read DOC publications and see many of the photos and interpretive writing I created still in use.

As a former journalist I have a great deal of interest in a wide range of topics and love researching stuff to be really well informed. Of course . . . I can be quite opinionated on some of these things. I’m also a published author of short fiction and one of my stories has since been turned into a movie.

I have a special interest in the Gay/Lesbian/BisexualTakatapui/Transgender/intersex community and the issues of the day that impact on the wellbeing of this community and its members.

I am also a committed “greenie” and conservationist who passionately believes we have to do more to protect this great planet of ours and all its natural environments and species.

6 thoughts on “About Steve Attwood

  1. Kia ora Steve. I work for DOC and we wondered if we could have your permission to use the Waimakariri River photo for a DOC publication that is not for sale?
    Nga mihi

  2. Kia ora Steve,
    Love your work! I was wondering if you would be happy if we used some of your photos to promote the new website of our non-profit organisation New Zealand Republic (formally the Republic Movement of Aotearoa New Zealand).
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards,
    Harry Lusk

    • Hi Shari

      I am more than happy for artists to use my photos as models or for inspiration. A photo credit is appreciated in any publicity re the finished work and I’d love to receive a photo of the work for my own files if possible. feel free to contact me on steve.attwood@xtra.co.nz

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